Bank of Tanzania

Training Institute

Principals Message


We Wish Our Esteemed Members a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2017!

The Bank of Tanzania Training Institute is proudly introducing clients’ courses for the 2017 year. Our commitment towards capacity building in the sector of banking and financial institutions has always been our foremost priority. As has been in the recent preceding years, a steadily and noticeable growth in the financial industry in our country has been a propelling factor for us to focus our training needs on the area of compliance and regulatory framework.

Awareness on courses related to risk based compliance and supervision has also been emphasized as a requirement in the regulatory framework based on best practice and from the regulator, i.e. The Bank of Tanzania. However, our training programme also constitutes a number of courses that are responsive to the need of the financial sector in our country and across the region. Normally we will build up programme that is traditionally compiled based on recommendations and needs analysis derived from surveys done across stakeholders in the financial sector.

Proudly, we acknowledge the fact that our training programme has been attracting participation from the East African (EAC) region as well as the Southern African Development Committee (SADC). In a nutshell courses like ; Credit and Operational  Risk Management, Payment Systems , Physical Security for banks, Anti Money Laundering, Mortgage Financing   and others;  have  been among our list so as to address areas in the financial sector that need  dynamic improvement in acquiring knowledge and skills.

Our mission remains that, we are committed to deliver the best in capacity building in the financial sector that contributes to accomplishing the objectives of the central bank.


Dr. Wande Reweta