Bank of Tanzania

Training Institute

Training Institute Background


The Bank of Tanzania Training Institute, which was established in 1991, is an integral part of the Bank of Tanzania operating units. The main objective of the Institute is to support the mission of the Bank of Tanzania through provision of key learning programmes to the staff of the Bank. It also provides a variety of learning opportunities and facilities to employees of Central Banks as well as financial sector within the country and from the East African Countries (EAC) and SADC regions.


The Bank of Tanzania Training Institute is located at Capripoint suburb in Mwanza City, about two Kilometres from city centre and 200 metres before Tilapia Hotel. The Institute structure which is overlooking the famous Lake Victoria, enjoys cool breeze and scenery from the Lake. Participants in the Institute can easily make field trips around Lake Victoria, or to historical sites like Bujora (a Sukuma Tribal Culture, Butiama Museum in Musoma and the famous Serengeti National Park.