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Currency Department Operations

When the Bank releases a new issue of banknotes, the ones which are withdrawn are supposed to be returned back to the Bank.  Consequently, all banknotes issues, in the denominations of TZS. 10, 20, 500, 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000, which were circulating prior to February 2003, have been withdrawn from circulation. 

Bank of Tanzania Head office and its branches will be responsible to collect and exchange at face value genuine, full value and the most recent of the notes withdrawn from circulation.

Banknotes that ceased to be Used on 30 September 2003

a) 200 Shilling Banknote

TZS 200 Banknote - Front View

TZS 200 Banknote - Back View 

b) 500 Shilling Banknote

TZS 500 Banknote - Front View

TZS 500 Banknote - Back View

c) 1000 Shilling Banknote 

TZS 1000 Banknote - Front View

TZS 1000 Banknote - Back View

d) 5000 Shilling Banknote

TZS 5000 Banknote - Front View

TZS 5000 Banknote - Back View

e) 10000 Shilling Banknote

TZS 10000 Banknote - Front View

TZS 10000 Banknote - Back View


Please email all your enquiries on banknotes and coins to: jcrushaka@hq.bot-tz.org



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